The Universal Creed: A Single Religion for Humanity

fundamental belief in Islamic theology.


The Attributes of God and the Path to Goodness

The Quran describes God, or Allah, with a set of distinct attributes: oneness, e existence, and the sustainer of all life. The path to embodying divine qualities such as mercy, justice, and patience begins with faith in God and submission to His will. This spiritual journey is said to lead individuals to ethical maturity and the highest standards of conduct.

The Impact of Faith on Individual Behavior

Faith in God is seen as the gateway to divine mercy and the foundation for a virtuous life. Believers are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that includes honesty, justice, and compassion, while abstaining from actions deemed harmful or forbidden. The transformation of an individual into a mature and well-mannered person is considered a testament to the power of divine guidance.

Embracing Divine Mercy

The article concludes with an invitation to embrace the mercy of God by believing in Him and submitting to His will. It suggests that the virtues and blessings outlined in the teachings of Islam are not only for personal betterment but also for the collective good of humanity, offering a key to eternal happiness in this life and the hereafter.

In summary, the concept of a single religion for humanity, as presented in Islamic teachings, emphasizes the universality of divine guidance and the potential for a shared ethical framework based on faith in one Creator. This universal creed is seen as a means to achieve both individual fulfillment and societal harmony.

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