Choose From Dish Networks Diverse Selection of Programming Packages and Channel Options

If programming package options and additional channel options are what you are interested in then Dish Network may be what you are looking for in a programming service provider. Their choices in programming packages start with the very economical and run up in options through to their top programming package that has literally hundreds of channel choices in it for you.



They now also have free Sirius satellite radio programming with their larger g packages and this is for your home as well as your vehicle. Dish Network is also the only satellite TV programming service provider to offer what they call All Day Ticket. This is a pay per view feature that allows you to select out a movie and then have a twenty four hour period in to watch it as many times as you wish.


The All Day Ticket viewing schedule begins at 6:00 am and ends at 5:59 am the following day and it provides for total convenience in movie viewing. Dish Network also has lots of additional channels that can be added onto any one of their programming packages, including freaky adult programming and even foreign language channels that you can add on if you choose.



Dish Network also offers to its family of viewers a handy little device that is called Pocket Dish, that is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet holds hours and hours of recorded programming that you can load onto it from your DVR. With Pocket Dish you can take all of your favorite movies and programming with you where ever you go and simply plug it into any television to watch what you have stored in it.


Dish Networks programming package selection starts out with their forty channel Family Choice package that is great for anyone to get started watching satellite TV programming and still stay within the boundaries of a tight budget. Family Choice and all of the other programming packages that Dish Network has to offer also include all of your local standard TV channels in digital format, as is all of Dish Networks programming.



If you are primarily interested in high definition programming than this is a great package to add Dish Networks high definition programming package onto and still keep the cost of your total programming package as low as possible.


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